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Kelly’s Success Story

We are always so happy to see our patients doing well and we wanted to share this success story!
How did you feel before you came to our office?
  • “Frustrated with chronic or more frequent “pinches,” and “stiffness” in the concave portion of my curve as well as my right hip.  Chiropractic help from local doctors did alleviate the pain, but it continued to return.”
  • “Disheartened that all the other scoliosis specialists reporting significant results I was finding with my research were very far away and/or extremely expensive.”
  • “Bummed to find other success stories on the internet and I had yet to find a doctor who could help me have my own success story with respect to improving my scoliosis and overall health both short term and long term.”
How have you benefited the most from spinal re-modeling treatment in our office?
  • “It has been extremely positive for me to experience improvement in my curve(s) and elimination of one curve.  I now know what can be accomplished and see this as the beginning of continuous improvement.”
  • “The amount of education I have received during my modified intensive treatment with Dr. Garnecki and Danielle at Spinal Health and Wellness as well as Allied Yoga has been very helpful.  I am very encouraged by all the complimentary activities to improve my spine.”
  • “It is a huge benefit to me knowing Dr. Garnecki will coordinate with my local chiropractor since I do not live a reasonable distance from Charlottesville to see her frequently.”
What would you want others to know about our office?  How would you recommend or encourage others to gain health at our office?
  • ” I want others to know (and have already told several) Dr. Garnecki and Danielle are very well-educated and experienced.  Additionally the office is welcoming and comfortable.  Everyone who enters received an unreal amount of individualized attention.  Dr. Garnecki and Danielle are very open-minded and understand each individual is unique and willing to try techniques tailored to every situation.  I would also like others to know you receive a full report documenting in great detail your baseline and results.  It was very important for me to see evidence.”
  • ” The best way for me to recommend and encourage others to gain health at Spinal Health and Wellness is for me to show them my results, both pictures as well as numbers.  Evidence does not lie.  Several of my friends are very impressed and interested in learning more about your office.”
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