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QuestionDoes chiropractic care treat other problems in addition to conditions of the spine?

Answer: Every organ—every single part of your body is controlled by your brain and nervous system. Misalignments of the skull and spinal bones that surround and protect your brain and spinal column can cause mechanical tension. This resulting mechanical tension impacts almost every part of your body. By adjusting the misaligned joints of the spine, a chiropractor can help many problems that may not seem related to the spine. See conditions successfully treated by Dr. Garnecki under Success Stories.

QuestionCan chiropractic care help me even if my medical doctor didn’t prescribe it?

Answer: A chiropractor has considerably more extensive training in problems related to the spine. A chiropractor is the only health professional qualified to determine if a problem can be treated with chiropractic care.  Chiropractic physicians are a single portal of entry–you do not need a prescription from another primary care provider in order to receive chiropractic care.

QuestionCan chiropractic care help my children?

Answer: Children fall down—it’s part of growing up. Occasionally, falls or physical stress from the birth process may result in problems. Yet, some of these problems may not present for years. In many cases, chiropractic care can detect and correct these problems before they are evident in adolescence or adulthood. A chiropractic check-up is a simple way to ensure optimal health and the prevention of future health problems as your child grows.

QuestionDoes my insurance cover chiropractic care and rehabilitation treatment?

Answer: Spinal Health & Wellness is out of network with all insurance companies, including Medicare.  Some patients have found the cost of treatment to be equivalent or close to the price of their co-pay for in-network doctors.  Unfortunately, we do not accept nor are we able to work with Medicare or Medicaid at this time.

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