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Health Seminars and Workshops

Dr. Garnecki is available to teach workshops and seminars for corporate personnel, businesses that draw consumers, parenting groups, fitness centers, churches, and schools.  She is available to speak on a variety of health and wellness related topics.

Fueling Your Body Workshops

For parents and kids, there’s a food and nutrition workshop geared to help you obtain optimal health by smartly choosing your fuel sources.

Lunchbox Makeover– Learn tips on how to prepare delicious and healthy eco-friendly lunches for children ages 3 to 12. Attendees will learn how to repurpose leftovers (save money and reduce waste); learn options for eco-friendly lunch containers and accessories for palatable presentation. Stuff in the nutrients to boost energy levels and the immune system. Learn safety considerations: food temperature, foods to avoid, most allergic foods. Find time-saving strategies for healthy lunch preparation.

Eat Like a Rainbow– An interactive class geared toward children in preschool through 6th grade.  Children taste raw or lightly roasted fruits and veggies representing all the colors of the rainbow while learning how and why these beautiful foods important for their bodies. Some young children have been known to taste and enjoy new foods after experiencing this class.

Head-to-Toe Transformation Series

We offer a comprehensive plan for getting in touch with our bodies for people of all ages: nutrition, joint fitness, healthy spine, and healthy sleep.

Functional Fitness provides an introduction to safe, low-impact joint-lubing exercises that are beneficial for all ages and fitness levels.  We’ll teach you how to increase strength and flexibility, increase energy levels, prevent workout injuries, and reduce stress.

Healthy Spine – Learn why having a healthy spine is the best way to begin achieving optimum health.  You’ll learn how to improve your health naturally, avoid unnecessary surgery, and how to boost your immune system.

Sweet Slumber helps you prepare your body for a good night’s rest in only 5 minutes.   You will increase levels of cognition, decrease stiffness, and reduce muscle aches and pains associated with poor sleeping habits, and making better pillow choices.

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