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Purification & Paleo-Friendly Borscht Recipe

It’s fun experimenting with red foods for the February stretch of the Purification Program.  This paleo-friendly and purification program-worthy borscht recipe is hearty enough to stick to your ribs like a good chili, minus the inflammation and other side effects. Hrm. Anyway, the purply-red and pink color of this chunky […]

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Smart & Savvy Eating with Dr. Dolly, Episode 1

Join me for the first episode of Smart & Savvy Eating.  It’s just a little over 7 minutes where I walk you through a pretty simple slow cooker recipe for the most incredible Tex Mex Tortilla Soup your mouth has ever tasted.  Well, at least it’s tasty and easy to […]

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Fast & furious isn’t always smart and savvy

Would you rather spend the gorgeous summer days playing outside instead of sweating up a storm preparing food in the kitchen? As Americans, over the past 50+ years, our culture has grown accustomed to “get it fast, and get it now” with everything . . . including food.  Fast food. […]

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Nutrition How-To’s for Humans

Do you think that there’s probably a better way to fuel your body than you currently practice, but you just don’t know which diet to choose or which book to read? Truly, it can be overwhelming. If you check out the self-help or cooking section of a bookstore, the nutrition […]

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