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Tylenol Use in Pregnancy Tied to Autism in Children

A study published in the International Journal of Epidemiology in August 2013 shows a correlation of acetominophen use in pregnancy and later onset of Autism.acetaminophen pills

For women who took Tylenol for at least 28 days total during pregnancy, their children seemed to have poorer motor skills than kids whose mothers had taken the drug fewer times or not at all. Tylenol-exposed kids also tended to start walking later, have poorer communication and language skills and more behavior problems. Long-term use of (acetaminophen) increased the risk of behavior problems by 70 percent at age three.

Read the article summary on Yahoo! News or the abstract/full article of the study in IJE.

Another study published in JAMA noted that pregnant mothers who use Tylenol or acetominophen have a 37% greater risk for their children developing an hyperkinetic or autism-spectrum disorder.

“When women reported having used acetaminophen for 20 or more weeks during pregnancy, the risk for HKD diagnosis in children almost doubled,” the authors write. The likelihood of the children being prescribed an ADHD medication rose by 50%.


Read the article summary on Forbes, or the abstract in JAMA Peds published in April 2014.

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