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Publications & Interviews

Bowling for Dummies, Chapter 16 interview “Bowling with a Bad Back




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Military Discipline: Virginia DC Earns Outstanding Veteran-Owned Small Business Award.” Interview with Dolly Garnecki of Spinal Health & Wellness. Chiropractic Economics. Nov 2011:25.





Asian Fortune News: Dolly Garnecki, Veteran Air Force Officer Soars as CEO

 Dolly Garnecki, Veteran and CEO Soars as CEO.” Asian Fortune News. Oct 2011. Dr. Garnecki, Spinal Health & Wellness SCORE AWARD 2011

Kulikowski, L. SCORE Awards: Spinal Health & Wellness. September, 2011.





Dr. Dolly Garnecki, CHO, Teaching China Doctors about Scoliosis

 Dr. Dolly Garnecki Leaves CHO To Teach China Doctors About Scoliosis, CHO Blog, April 29, 2011.





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Women We Love: Dolly Garnecki (Charlottesville Woman Magazine)




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